Monday, October 31, 2011

Preparing for 2nd Grade | Reading And Focusing |

2nd Quarter has begun.  The real work begins now. Expectations have risen to the next level.  I will be checking all grammar mechanics, including spelling.  Your child should be able to spell all high frequency words correctly.  If they can get it right on their spelling test...they can get it right when they write a sentence.

I will no longer accept the following:
  • uppercase or lowercase letters where they don't belong
  • the word "I" written like this "i"
  • incomplete sentences..."restate the question correctly!"  
  • apostrophes (')  or commas (,) where they don't belong
  • words that we've done in the past year and half to be spelled incorrectly
  • messy/incomplete homework and classwork
  • tardy homework or projects.  (If your child is absent, they have 2 days to make up the work upon their return.)
I expect:
  • students to read daily for 20 minutes + (and log it!)  Download the Reading Log here!
  • students must read AR books
  • students must have an AR book in their backpacks daily
  • students must take 1(chapter book) or 2 (regular books) AR quizzes a week.
  • students must practice their spelling words (words 1-10 and their vocabulary words (words 11-15) every day on their own.  They should be able to write sentences using their weekly words.  They will be tested on their spelling/grammar by dictation sentences.
  • students must write their own book reports. *** Parents are only allowed to spell check and help with grammar.  ***Parents are not allowed to write or type a book report for their child.
  • students to arrive on time/ attend class daily
  • homework to be done daily 
  • all papers turned in must have their name, #, and the date
  • students will, in an age appropriate manner:
    • ♦  work and play cooperatively
    • ♦  make wise and safe choice
    • ♦  show respect toward self and others
    • ♦  display honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness
    • ♦  assume responsibility for actions and outcomes at home, school, and in the community    

Please read the article below.  It is very informative and will explain further my expectations.

Preparing for 2nd Grade | Reading And Focusing |

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