Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just 4 Kids: Our Summer Reading Club

To My Very Special 2nd Graders (or Former Students) and their Parents:

"A book is a magical thing. Once you open one up and start to read, you can find yourself transported to any place in the world, any time in history, or any realm of fantasy an author can invent or your imagination can envision. The best part is that you can reach the most exciting destinations without ever leaving home." 
~ Barnes and Noble

I have set up an account for you on  Please use the User ID and Password I gave you to sign in and take your quizzes.  I will be able to monitor your progress throughout the summer and when you return to school, I will have prizes for you.  Your parents will have their own “special incentives’ throughout the summer for you.  Sit down with your mom and dad to discuss these incentives for reading and doing well on your quizzes.   Is the book you are reading a BOOK ADVENTURE book?  Well, find out by going to this link:     Book Adventure Booklist

I will also maintain a blog page for our Summer Reading Club. The website is

You can leave me notes or ask questions about books…or even leave me a comment about a special book you are reading.  I would love to read your comments throughout the summer.  You can read any book you like, but make sure that you read no less than 6 to 10 books that have quizzes available in

I look forward to seeing you again for SECOND GRADE!!
Have a “sun-sational” summer and Happy Reading!
Mrs. Childress
1st Grade Teacher
“Soon to be your 2nd Grade Teacher”

Here is your Reading Log...available for download.  

Another Fun Incentive to check out: Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Club Download a Reading Packet from Barnes and Noble here:

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